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Greetings all Wilson family members. I Emily Small, am the President of the current hosting committee for the 2013 Cuyler/Wilson family reunion. We the committee are both privileged and proud to be hosting the first ever at large, Wilson family reunion in Charleston, South Carolina. For the weekend of July 27th, 2013 we have chosen as our theme "a celebration of our life, love, and legacy." The committee is working diligently to create an event that will not only be entertaining but culturally enlightening as well. This website has been created so that you may be able to register, view the itinerary, and make all of your hotel/travel arrangements with ease. On behalf of each committee representative, we are pleased to welcome you to our website in which you'll find detailed snapshots of the enriching, cultural, and fun events to come during our 2013 family reunion.

Here's what I know about our family history; our first documented ancestors are Martin and Judy Wilson. They lived close to Saint Peter's Parish, which is now commonly known as Beaufort South Carolina, in the early 1800's. Soon after their union, Martin relocated his family to what is known as Estill, South Carolina. Martin and Judy were the proud parents of Betty, Sam, Abel, Joe, Martin Jr., William, Martha, Kudjo (Judia), Lydia, and Mary Wilson. From these branches, all present day Wilsons (in/and around Hampton County, South Carolina) can be traced. However, I realize that despite my research I do not have all of the answers and here's where we need your help. Any and all information relevant to our family tree is important to us. This is one of the key reasons why we have provided this website for you. With such a rich and vibrant legacy to share, we the Cuyler/Wilson branch are proud to be the recipients of such information that will better aid us in hosting this momentous occasion.

Furthermore, as President I welcome any and all the branches of the Martin and Judy Wilson to share your ideas, thoughts, concerns, and more importantly, your memories. As we strive to plan and make this a time both joyful and unforgettable we want to know what you envision when you think of the 2013 Wilson Family Reunion as well. Ultimately, our goal is to provide the family with the in-depth history of the Wilson family history. To ensure this goal is brought into fruition, the collection of any ideas/ information relevant for the continued success of this Wilson tradition is highly encouraged. The content of this information includes but is not restricted to history/news, whether it be past or current, any events you would like to see take place in 2013, or any logistical concerns/ suggestions you think would further enhance this already dynamic family gathering. Also we would like to have representation from each branch in our hosting committee, those ready, willing, and able to help can directly contact the committee using the email provided below.

On behalf of the 2013 Wilson family reunion hosting committee, we thank you in advance for taking the time to view this website, we welcome your brilliance and your ideas, and we wish you well until we meet again. SO COME ON FAMILY!!! Let's make this yet another success.

Contact Information:


Email: Cuylerwilson2013@gmail

Emily Small, President

Latia Wright, Vice President

Laurie Wright, Treasurer

Lanesha Wright, Sergeant of Arms

Keyonna Wright, Secretary


Jason Joiner, Family Historian